Case Studies


Below are some typical case studies of some of our present clients. Further details can be obtained from Etech upon request.



Case 1.

West Yorkshire B2B Services provider    -  12 user site with 3 satellite offices and 5 mobile users

Requirements: Full IT overall and IP telephony system/service to cover Main office and link 3 satellite offices.

Remit: To provide a centralised desktop environment with shared folder access for ALL users including mobile users. To provide a centralised Telephony System and Service for ALL users, satellite offices and mobile users, independent of mainstream Telephone Service Providers.


Proposal: Design and implement Windows RDP (Remote Desktop) services for ALL users and satellite offices with shared access to Office Suite, SAGE, CMS.

Design and implement IP telephony system at Main Office and extend to WAN (Internet connection) connect to secure telephony system for satellite offices and mobile users. Provide unlimited incoming and outgoing lines, transfer existing telephone numbers to service and add more telephone numbers to service.

(Previous provider had "dropped" existing telephone numbers for the client which left them vulnerable without incoming and outgoing call facility, the client has an emergency cover service which could have been drastically affected)

Etech engineers where able to setup temporary telephone numbers and incoming/outgoing lines within minutes of this Issue by using existing WAN connections.

As a disaster recovery option Etech implemented a duplicated Data Backup service. Data is backed up from 3 individual servers and stored, this in turn is then duplicated off-site for that "just in case" scenario.


Result: The client now has an extremely efficient IT service providing desktop workspace and IP based telephony services. All satellite offices are connected and work as if they were another desk in the main office. Mobile users can connect on the move without disruption to workloads or efficiency.


Conclusion: "When we were presented with the proposal by Etech we expected a bill in excess of £10K judging by the scope of the proposal, we were surprised when it was a fraction of that. Rather than try to sell us tonnes of new equipment Etech used existing servers and PC''s leaving only a small amount of required and affordable hardware."

"We are extremely happy with the services that Etech have designed and implemented for us, any user can connect to their Desktop no matter where in the UK they are and our voice communication service is truly second to none, Etech even took us away from our Telephone service provider, we received a fully featured "bells and whistles" service with unlimited incoming and outgoing lines, all on one number, we lost line rental costs and reduced our call costs by 74%. Our telephone service is so manageable it's amazing, we can access our system, check calls, costs, extensions and lines with ease. We can even setup our own call diversion in the event of any critical disaster.  We've recently  tested our Backup restore service and had our server back online in less than 20 minutes, what can I say but....

These are definitely the guys to talk to if you're thinking of changing or are looking for ICT services".  ..Financial Director


Case 2.

West Yorkshire Service Provider B2C       -  5 user site main office   3 user remote connections

Requirements:   Move the whole network hardware to new premises, install and setup for use. Full IT support coverage (on-site and remote) to cover PC's, Server, Infrastructure, Microsoft products, Email services, website hosting.

Proposal:  Install network cable infrastructure and network switch, provision new WAN connection. Move IT hardware to new premises on close of business on last day of working week. Install network IT hardware (PC's, Printers, Server) configure WAN connection and internal IP addresses to match old details. Place IT hardware at appropriate desks and stations.Setup and initiate new company email service and domain name, transfer web site to new hosting platform. 48 hour window

Result:    On return to work at the start of the next working week employees were able to simply switch on their PC's and Laptops and resume work with no hindrance. All IT hardware is working as was with no hiccups.

Conclusion:   "We finished work in our old premises on Friday and returned to work in our new offices on the following Monday. Each member of staff simply switched their PC/Workstation on and everything worked as before, with no hiccups, it was great.Managing Director/Operations


IT Support case study 3

Case 3:

Bradford based Children and Family's Charity   - up to 12 staff users, up to 200 IT/Internet Suite and Educational users

Requirements: Complete unfinished LAN infrastructure and provide 48 PC's and servers via B2B donations. Setup physical LAN and WAN network for Staff and IT Suite users. Design, build and install IP based telephone system with 8 internal extensions and multiple incoming/outgoing call capacity.

Proposal: To finish LAN cabling infrastructure, install network switches and patch panels. Install and setup Servers and IT Suite PC's. Install IP telephony system and call routes for system.

Result: A fully working Network LAN and WAN infrastructure serving 8 staff members and up to 200 IT users. A fully working and manageable IP telephony system with full business system features.

Conclusion: "The main issue was always going to be cost, we now have a fully working IT and communications infrastructure. We have had quite a lot of donations of hardware from other businesses and via Etech, we also have a business class telephone system and service provided by Etech. The guys at Etech and other community members have helped us out tremendously when we thought we might not achieve our end goal of providing services to the community especially children and young people, the cost of all this was gratitude and assistance,"    Charity CEO