Etech In-House Projects

We are always looking at new projects and innovative ideas to help or improve customer and user experiences. In this section of our website we list some of the projects we are developing or working on.


Telephone Services

Landline, Mobile, SMS, Office

As the statement above says, we are always looking at new and innovative projetcs, telephony is no exception.

The modern day Office Phone System tends to be an IP (LAN) based system, connecting the desk phone to a central system or telephony server over the LAN network. With the attachment of telephone lines of either single or ISDN nature it becomes a powerfull communications tool.


Think outside the Office Box

Now imagine what the system would become if you could replace or expand the telephony LAN network to the WAN (Internet) network, well now you have the possibility of not only a larger telephone system but of a worldwide telephone network service, similar in nature to that of BT/Virgin/Sky etc by way of providing services, Lines, telephone numbers and features. Also with the addition of a web based account portal linked to a server based billing system you have a fully automatic service that can provision and credit customer accounts and telephone services.

How is that possible, some might say. You need to be able to offer new or portable telephone numbers, area codes and interconnecting routes to be able to call other numbers on landline or mobile origination.

It might surpise some to know that the majority of major telecom companies already do this by utilising the power and routing capability of the Internet. With all it's glory and advantages it is still an IP based infrastructure.

Senior Etech engneers have been working with VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for quite some years now, and we find it to be an interesting opportunity for ALL business and residential users. Provisoning of accounts and telephone numbers is extremely quick, in most cases a usuable UK telephone number and telephone service can be up an running in minutes, yes that's correct minutes, not hours, days or weeks.

When we say usable we mean exactly that, beig able to receive and make telephone calls using a real UK number, with the area code of your choice, in minutes.

Our telephony project is presentley testing, using an in-house server, a UK wide telephone service for landline and mobile users. But we don't stop there, people are used to texting (SMS), SMS is a convenient way to communicate these days and being able to offer the service is a must. Part of our project is to be able to provide a FREE SMS service to the users of our service, user to user without the need of an external or 3rd party SMS gateway, basically we provision and route all our own SMS/Text/Messaging.


Testing of the voice side of the project is now in it's final stages and we can only provide one conclusin to it:     SUCCESS  

We are happy that our voice services are working as expected and have now moved on to impliment and test a Messaging service over our own network. So far testing is successful and we will be moving on to a wider testing audience very soon. Our next test stage will be UK to rest of world.